Friday, January 9, 2009

Malay people when they get power!!

The Malays have loosened their grip in political power to the point where non-Malays no longer respect them and their institutions, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.

The former Prime Minister said everything deemed as Malay privileges had been questioned and challenged by the non-Malays.

“And the Malays are not doing anything to counter all these and strengthen their positions,” he said in his latest posting on his blog

He said Malays could not call themselves tuan if they had to depend on others and it was pointless to call themselves tuan when they were actually slaves.

“We can be tuan if we act boldly, we are willing to face risk, we make efforts to conquer knowledge and efficiency until there is no need to depend on anyone.

“Denying reality will not result in anything. Only by admitting that we have a big problem and we act to overcome it, can we redeem our dignity. Then we can call ourselves tuan. The world will recognise us as the real tuan,” said Dr Mahathir.

In Johor when attending a forum and dialogue on the recent general election organised by Johor Umno grassroots and MYKMU.NET yesterday, he labelled all Umno division chiefs as traitors to the Malays as they did not have the courage to stand up to Pak Lah.

“In a democratic system, the people can force a leader to step down if he is wrong.

“The division leaders sympathised with Pak Lah so they will be the one who destroys Umno,” he said adding that the leaders cared more about their personal interests.

That is what Tun Dr Mahathir said. But i think it is true and it not happened in Malaysia politic but it's happened in my real life. When malay had power to become a leader they thought they're the 'tuan' in any of organization. It is because they have the power to make people under her supervision being transfer or when they hate those people they will make something to eliminate them. As Tun said, in a democratic system, the people can force a leader to step down if he is wrong but the person i know is back up by other people that is more powerful.

I got a suggestion from the one i trust to voice out what happened but i'm not the only one to do this but i'm the only one to get the effect of doing this. Try to work profesional i think i'm profesional but my leader not, even he is man but all his action like a devil woman with full of revenge. And it make me think is this the malay today?? Sadly said i am malay and i'm very dissappointed with other malay when they get power.. they don't do their job but they make it appear when the BOSS in front of them. I'm not the person like that, i don't like to talk to much but i like to think much. For me silent is power...

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